New Transcendentalisms

Brent Cunningham

from Bird & Forest

John Taggart


Brenda Hillman

The Vowels Pass by in English

Gustaf Sobin

Under the Bright Orchards

Joshua Harmon


Sally Keith

The Action of a Man

Bin Ramke

A Measured Narrowness

Forrest Gander

Edge-Lit Scene
Escaped Trees of Lynchburg

Merrill Gilfillan

from “Ten Carbonated Warblers”

Eleni Sikelianos

ODE: To My Peoplery, Little Trees
The Most Beautiful Theorems of the Theory of Animals, Numbers

T. Zachary Cotler

Ångström Zion

Jane Wong

from Sea of Trees

Sarah Gridley

Some of What Shines
from “Half Sick of Shadows”

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge


Camille Dungy

Her mother sings warning of the new world

Elizabeth Robinson


Oni Buchanan

No Blue Morpho

Aaron McCollough

[log—a mild vision]

Melissa Kwasny

Talk to the Golden Birches
Talk to the Water Dipper
The Butterfly Conservatory

Laura Moriarty


Brian Teare

Transcendental Grammar Crown

Tony Tost


Adam Strauss

No Fathers Without Mothers
Others Necessary
“The Wild Carrot Taking the Field by Force”

Timothy Donnelly

In His Tree

Karla Kelsey

Vantage of Landscape & Soft Motion

Alessandra Lynch

What the Meadow Said Afterwards

Dan Beachy-Quick

from This Nest, Swift Passerine

Eric Baus

Tuned Droves
The Song of Stunted Hawks
Who King Tree Is
How King Tree Sleeps

Peter Gizzi

Some Values of Landscape and Weather



Textual Ecologies

Emily Abendroth

evitative spool

Marcella Durand

Remote Sensing

Rae Armantrout

Long Green

Brenda Iijima


Lisa Robertson

Wednesday (from The Weather)

Erín Moure

14 Descriptions of Trees
Memory Penitence / C o n t a m i n a t i o n  É g l i s e

Will Alexander

On Scorpions & Swallows

Leslie Scalapino

from The Dihedrons Gazelle—Dihedrals Zoom

Brandon Shimoda

from “Lake M”

Lyn Hejinian & Jack Collom

The Woods

Nathan Hauke

A Surface. A Shore or Semi-transparency of Glass

Kevin Holden


Michelle Taransky

Barn Burning, An Eclogue

Jonathan Skinner

from “Tope Prisms”

Nicole Mauro

Three Pangrams

John Beer

from “Lucinda: A Revision”

Paul Legault

The You-Know-What
What One’s Set One’s Sights On

Arthur Sze

The Ginkgo Light

Richard Greenfield

The Laws

e. tracy grinnell

36 / a tower is evident
45 / a lark, a wish-refrain (II)

Matt Reeck

Ode to /a/
Ode to /I/

Ann Lauterbach

Still No Still

Fenn Stewart

some grimy apple; or, my sequel’s wiltshire parts
salt fish pan one

Peter O’Leary

The Phosphorescence of Thought



Local Powers

Jennifer Moxley

The Sense Record

Craig Santos Perez

from “ta(la)ya”

Stephen Ratcliffe

from Temporality

C. D. Wright

from Deepstep Come Shining

Melanie Noel

The Lion Ant
Strangel Mine

Christopher Dewdney

from “Concordat Proviso Ascendant”
Grid Erectile

Karen An-hwei Lee

Dream of Inflation
Museum of Zona Radiata

Heather Christle

Acorn Duly Crushed

Sherwin Bitsui

from Flood Song

Jody Gladding

Bark Beetle

Lisa Fishman

Three Lyrics

Eric Linsker

The Bird Goes Behind You
Operative Spring

Kathryn Nuernberger

U.S. EPA Reg. No. 524-474

Mary Hickman


Maryrose Larkin

from “Late Winter 30”

Karen Rigby

Autobiography as Panamanian Botanical Index

Elizabeth Willis

The Similitude of This Great Flower
The Oldest Part of the Earth
Viewless Floods of Heat
Near and More Near

Rusty Morrison

Field Notes: 1–6
Making Space
Field Notes: 13–16

Patrick Pritchett

The Dream of Open Space
Forms Of Disappearance
Twenty-First Century Ecology

Jasmine Dreame Wagner

Champion Mill

J. Michael Martinez

Water Poppies Open as the Mouth: The Body as Nature, History
The Sternum of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Paul Hoover

from Edge and Fold

Sylvia Legris

Almost Migration . . . 

Brian Laidlaw

Terratactic (II)

C. S. Giscombe

from “Inland”

Kamau Brathwaite

Day at Devizes (2)

Phil Cordelli

Liquidambar (Sweetgum)

Jack Collom

Ruddy Duck
Red-Shouldered Hawks



Necro / Pastoral

Ed Roberson

City Eclogue: Words for It
Sequoia sempervirens

Evelyn Reilly


Susan Briante

The End of Another Creature
A Photograph from Nature

Johannes Göransson

Nature Is Forbidden

Juliana Spahr

Gentle Now, Don’t Add to Heartache

Mathias Svalina


Catherine Wagner

from “Mercury Vectors: A Romance”
A Form for Verse

Amy King

A Geography of Pleasure

Gabriel Gudding

[congratulations on being here]

Dana Levin


Marthe Reed

Chandeleur Sound

Michael Dumanis

The Woods Are Burning

K. Silem Mohammad

from “The Sonnagrams”

Standard Schaefer

The L.A. River

Arielle Greenberg

Tour of ———Morning Farms

Erika Howsare & Kate Schapira

Florida (from “The Waste Project”)

Robert Fitterman

LULU (Locally Unwanted Land Use)

Tony Trigilio

Rainforests for Boneshakers

Jane Sprague

Politics of the Unread
White Footed Mouse

Laura Mullen

The White Box of Mirror Dissolved Is Not Singular

Joyelle McSweeney

Arcadia, or, Anachronism: A Necropastoral Effigy

Stephen Collis


Chris Green

Macbeth for Everyone


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