(Rethinking Poetics, Columbia University, 12 June, 2010)

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ecopoetics is dedicating to exploring creative-critical edges between writing (with an emphasis on poetry) and ecology (the theory and praxis of deliberate earthlings). That’s the original masthead, launched almost ten years ago.

ecopoetics was conceived as a site, not a genre. In the sense of site-specificity as developed out of the 1960’s art world, but also in the sense of theories of distributed consciousness, as explored by philosophers such as Bruno Latour, Edwin Hutchins, Richard Taylor, N. Katherine Hayles, or Donna Haraway. Theories exploring the idea that consciousness, and maybe agency, are distributed “out there,” amongst the “objects” of the world, rather than “in here” (tapping skull). So I don’t aspire to publish “ecopoems” or to identify “ecopoets,” but to offer an overtly-dedicated site, to which different kinds of practices can contribute.

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